Home Storage Tips

20/11/2015 Main

So how many people used any of the tips about painting in my previous post? I hope someone did! Next up I have some very useful tips on saving storage space in your own. If you have children like me then you know quickly houses can get in a mess. Even if you have a big kid like a husband also! Anyway here are a few of my favourite tips for a better organised and less messy home.

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Painting Tips

07/11/2015 Main

Hi guys. Here I am with the first entry of my Home and Garden themed blog. Now like I said I aim to make it easier and more affordable to help make your living spaces a more beautiful place. Going to start off with some tips on painting, that I got from a professional friend of mine. They’re really good and work very well!

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Home & Garden Blog Introduction

02/11/2015 Main

Do you ever read some Home and Garden articles or blogs and think “Are they for real? Normal people don’t have the time or resources to achieve stuff like that”? Well I do to, and this is my attempt to sift through the rubbish and give you tips that are achievable and affordable. Welcome to my new blog!

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