Labeling Like a Boss

03/07/2017 Main

 What's going on y’all, and welcome back to my home and garden blog. Is your happy place wondering around your house with your label gun in hand putting something vague yet specific on everything from your daughters notebooks to your husband's socks. Looking for some tips to bring it to the next level? Take a look at some of these ideas for modern, DIY labels that will let you put a simple and concise name on everything in your home.  Read more

Re-potting a Plant

28/06/2017 Main

What's up ya’ll, welcome back to my home and garden blog Rodyont. The sun is out more and more this time of year, and my plants are sure appreciating it. I work hard at maintaining my garden, and I think that it shows if you look at it. But now my plants are getting bigger and they need bigger pots. Being the nature loving person I am, I went online to find some used pots and found which had lots of flower pots as well as pruners, trimmers and of course used soil that I could buy. This helped me save lots of money which meant more flowers! Here is my quick guide to how to how to re-pot your plants. Read more


Rice cooker

17/11/2016 Main

Rice cooker Read more

Slow Cooker Ideas

15/11/2016 Main
Slow Cooker Ideas

Hi all, and welcome back to my home and garden blog.  When I first set out writing this blog I promised that I would only give you tips and ideas that were affordable and relatively simple.   We’ve previously looked at a lot of DIY home makeover ideas, painting, up-cycling kitchen cupboards, and have only briefly touched on my other big passion – cooking.  Now in keeping with the blog ideals I thought that today we would look at my favourite way of cooking.  It’s economical, time-saving, minimally labour intensive and creates some dishes that are oh so amazing, the slow cooker. Read more


04/11/2016 Main

D.I.Y Read more


Plastic Bagged

19/10/2016 Main
Plastic Bagged 

Today I wanted to report some recent good news, good for the environment at least, and look at the effects this is likely to have on the people, the country and the environment in general.  In a surprising upturn of theme from road traffic accidents and general corruption to one that is more of an eco theme, the Cambodian government announced this week a new law that will see a ban on small plastic bags and an overall charge on shopping bags by the end of the year. Read more

Mailbox Trends

07/10/2016 Main
Mailbox Trends

We had an unfortunate accident the other day, my brother had brought his family down for a visit and when he was reversing out of the driveway with his people carrier, he accidentally hit the mailbox with the back-end. His car came out relatively unscathed as it was his light that caught the mailbox and somehow it didn’t crack. His bodywork made it through the ordeal so my brother was happy. Sadly, the mailbox didn’t come away as lucky and was completely KO’d. To be fair, it was rotten through and a bit of an eyesore so he probably did us a favour. Read more

Installing A Security System

04/06/2016 Main

Hi folks and welcome back to my humble blog. In this post I wanted to talk about the importance of home security and why every household in the United States of America should be treating this issue as a priority. Read more

Victorian Drawer Planters

07/05/2016 Main

I went to a yard sale last weekend and bought some old drawers. The couple selling the drawers had lost the chest unit to termites, those pesky little rotters. The entire shell of the chest of drawers had been devoured so badly that it became a soft, dilapidated structure. The pests had not started on the actual drawer units though, so they disposed of the chest and termite treated the drawers. As they were renovating their home, they had lots of various pieces of furniture and ornaments for sale and figured that someone might find a use for the old drawers. They are beautiful pieces from a genuine Victorian chest of drawers. Luckily for them, and me, as soon as I saw them I came up with and excellent idea for the drawers: to use them as planting boxes! Read more

Maintaining My Garden

08/04/2016 Main

Hi, it’s Sandra here again.  I feel like I’ve been neglecting my garden a bit recently, in favour of the house. I’ve also been neglecting to talk about the garden much on my blog. The weather has been quite cold the past few month but now that spring is approaching I am ready to get back out into the garden and start caring for it again.  My garden is quite beautiful, it really is. I have a large wildflower meadow, a wildlife pond, some brilliant fruit trees and some stunning hedgerows surrounding the property.  I also have many beautifully manicured, smaller hedges and bushed interspersed throughout the 2 acres of garden.  I am often the envy of my friends. But then I do have the time to maintain the garden and many of them are too busy with their children or their work to reach the same standards as me. Read more


Love to cook

05/04/2016 Main

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Thanks for stopping by! So for today’s entry I thought I would introduce you to another passion of mine and hopefully we can share some advice and tips along the way. Read more

Second hand love

01/04/2016 Main

Hi, welcome back to my blog. I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far. I have had a lot of fun writing them and it has been interesting reading your comments and feedback, I have learnt a lot too! Read more

Creating My New Study

27/03/2016 Main

Redesigning my Study: Read more

Wood Turning

11/03/2016 Main

On a recent holiday to the north of Portugal I discovered the art of wood turning. This is not, as far as I know, a traditional Portuguese craft but was, rather, something I found to be the hobby and part time income generator of a British expat, named Robin, who is living there.  This lovely gentleman has been turning wood for decades now and he is, I must say, exceptional at it. Read more

New-Age Washing Machines

23/02/2016 Main

It’s that time again when I’ve realised that my current washing machine is on the brink and has pretty much run its cycle. My clothes are coming out still soaked because the spin cycle no longer works, it seems to be wobbling about far more than it used to when I first bought it and half the time, the detergent hasn’t rinsed properly so there’s powder stains over some of the clothes whilst others still smell like they haven’t even been washed. So yes, I think it’s time to bring in a replacement. I’ve never been keen on trying to get them repaired as they just end up needing replacing anyway so you may as well get it over and done with and send it on its way to the washing machine graveyard. I’m sure if I leave it out on the front yard, the scrap man will come and take it away in no time. Read more

Why I Up-cycled My Kitchen Cupboards

19/02/2016 Main

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my latest DIY project with you all. I’ve been staring at my old, outdated kitchen units for the past year or so now, thinking how much I can’t wait to update them. But after months of searching for the new perfect kitchen within my price range I just couldn’t find anything that I liked enough.  During one gossip and whinge session with my friend Louise recently, she said “Sandra, just give the old one’s a makeover”. And so I did… Read more

Floor Vases

16/01/2016 Main

Welcome back to the home and garden blog, hopefully you’ve read some interesting things and have taken away a few ideas. I just love sharing tips on thigs to do around the home and ways to make your home stand-out from everybody else. It’s too easy just to paint everything in boring, neutral colours then throw the odd patterned pillow in here or there to try and add some colour. Why not put a little bit of effort in and do something a little bit different? Don’t make every room the same, give each room a different theme maybe. You can do this in many ways and can be inventive along the way. Read more

Managing your Greenhouse

06/01/2016 Main

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog so far. Here’s a few tips on managing your own greenhouse. The great thing with a greenhouse being that it gives you a lot more room to grow your vegetables and you’re able to create better conditions so they grow faster. My first piece of advice would definitely therefore be to buy one as big as you possibly can to maximize what you can produce. Believe me, it will be worth the investment as growing your own fruit and veg saves you a lot of money and is one of the most all-round rewarding hobbies. You could always buy a second-hand greenhouse and even if there’s the odd crack or missing pain, you can easily source spares to patch it up. This could help you save even more if you find a real preowned bargain. Read more

Vacuum Cleaners Undusted

06/12/2015 Main

Vacuum Cleaners Undusted Read more

Making your own Compost

02/12/2015 Main

Making your own Compost Read more

DIY made easier with the right Air Compressor

30/11/2015 Main

DIY made easier with the right Air Compressor Read more

Home Storage Tips

20/11/2015 Main

So how many people used any of the tips about painting in my previous post? I hope someone did! Next up I have some very useful tips on saving storage space in your own. If you have children like me then you know quickly houses can get in a mess. Even if you have a big kid like a husband also! Anyway here are a few of my favourite tips for a better organised and less messy home. Read more


Painting Tips

07/11/2015 Main

Hi guys. Here I am with the first entry of my Home and Garden themed blog. Now like I said I aim to make it easier and more affordable to help make your living spaces a more beautiful place. Going to start off with some tips on painting, that I got from a professional friend of mine. They’re really good and work very well! Read more


Home & Garden Blog Introduction

02/11/2015 Main

Do you ever read some Home and Garden articles or blogs and think “Are they for real? Normal people don’t have the time or resources to achieve stuff like that”? Well I do to, and this is my attempt to sift through the rubbish and give you tips that are achievable and affordable. Welcome to my new blog! Read more